Football – Ultimate Tailgaters Supply List

For years now, tailgating parties have been a regular part of all college and professional football kits games. People spend a lot of time and effort on putting together the best tailgate parties possible. Some will spend literally thousands of dollars over the course of a football season on these parties alone. Football tailgating parties before the big game can be a lot of fun.

The one thing that can take the fun away from these pre-game parties is to forget something important. You always want to be sure you’re prepared. Write yourself up a checklist and include everything you want to have on it. That brings up the question of, what are some of the supplies you need? What will make the tailgating experience an enjoyable one before the big football game? Here is a list of many different items to consider bringing along to your next tailgating party.

Bar-B-Gater This is a pull behind trailer that hooks up to your trailer hitch. It contains a huge cookout grill with all your cooking supplies in one place. It makes cooking out so easy. Another great thing about having one of these is that you can simply unhook from it once you get back home.

Tables & Chairs You will need plenty of space to sit out all of food and supplies for your party. You will also need the room to sit down and eat. Folding tables and chairs take up a minimal amount of space and can be easily stored in your vehicle.

Portable Canopy or Awning Keep the food and yourself, out of the elements with a portable tent. E-Z Up has several portable canopies that are extremely quick and easy to set up anywhere you go. They break down and store in a cloth bag and take up very little space.

Portable Restroom Having your own portable restroom can be very important during any football tailgate party. You can find units available with easy to set up walls that offer all the privacy you need. They also make it easy to pack back up and store.

Storage Bag / Trunk Organizers Keeping your supplies together in a convenient way makes any tailgating party much more enjoyable. You can purchase one of these organizers and have your supplies kept in a neat fashion that will allow you to know where things are at when you need them.

TailGator Gas Powered Blender No need for electricity with this gas powered blender. It is great for mixing up those favorite frozen drinks at the football game.

Pyrex Portable Food Carrier This is nice for keeping all your cooked foods in without the mess. It also makes it very nice for storing your leftovers after the party.

Try to make things simple for your next football pre-game tailgate party. Plan ahead and prepare the day before the party. Have all of your supplies ready for your party. This will allow your tailgating party to be a memorable one. Most of all.have fun!

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