Sports Betting Systems For the Bravest of Gamblers

Even the most casual sports bettors have heard of the legendary gambling masterminds that have invented and utilized sports systems in order to curtail loses and ultimately gain massive profits. In our tech savvy culture,Sports Betting Systems For the Bravest of Gamblers Articles where the sports betting industry is continually expanding and earning increasingly larger profits every year, it is virtually impossible to imagine gamblers still making a living off of sports betting. Many sports bettors attribute their continued profitability and success to the sports betting systems they use. The truth of the matter is, there is no one system that can absolutely guarantee a positive outcome.
Nevertheless, many very knowledgeable bettors continue to stand by the fact that certain sports betting systems offer a great opportunity for success. These sports betting systems, while functional to an extent, often place the players in very high risk situations. That being said, sports betting systems are not for the faint of heart. For those readers with ice running through their veins, here are basic principles to a few of them :
Martingale System
The Martingale System is the most commonly known of all sports betting systems in the world. The system has very little to do with actually determining the winners, but instead, relies on choosing the appropriate stakes. The foundation of the Martingale System is rooted in the probability of infinite consecutive loses. A player makes a base wager in order to win 1 unit. If the player loses his wager, he then places a second wager in order to win 1 unit and the amount he lost on his first wager. This cycle is repeated until the player encounters a win. Once the player’s wager is successful, he then starts over by placing another wager to win 1 unit. Each cycle profits 1 unit. Due to the exponential nature of the bet increases, without proper money management, a player could very quickly over-bet his bankroll and, in turn, completely wipe himself out.
Parlay System
The Parlay System is another of the widely known sports betting systems. It is commonly implemented in horse racing. Experts often note that, unlike many of the other sports betting systems, the Parlay System has the effect of pyramiding a player’s profits. Pyramiding is a form of parlay wagering which entails placing a series of successive bets which include the original wager and the previous winnings. A player will place a base bet to win 1 unit. If he wins, the player will place a second wager combining his base wager and his re-invested winnings from the previous bet. When betting on horse racing, for example, you simply “let it ride”. As opposed to most other sports betting systems, the Parlay System offers the least risk. This stems from the fact that the bettor is only concerned with either a win, place, or show selection, or a combination of the three.
Paroli System
The Paroli System is, in essence, the mirror opposite of the Martingale System. The difference in these sports betting systems lies in the concept of increasing your wager size when you win as opposed to when you lose. A player will place a starting bet to win 1 unit. In the event of a win, the player would then double his wager on the next bet. In the event of a lose, the player would then start over. An advantage it holds over other sports betting systems is that it does not require a large bankroll. The system simply lets the profits run and cuts short the losses.

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