Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends For 2011

The engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewelry a woman will wear in her lifetime. It’s a symbol of love, promise, commitment, and something that should be strong and practical enough to wear everyday. Choosing the right unique engagement rings involves time, patience, and knowledge about diamonds and engagement ring designs. A ring should be as unique to the person it’s being given to as they are unique to you. 

While it’s important to immerse yourself in an education of the four C’s, metal choices, and setting options, it’s also good to know what trends are currently hot this year. Every woman wants a beautiful engagement ring from the man they love, but they also want their ring to be special and standout. Being on the cusp of fashion by knowing the best trends for engagement rings will only make you look even better when you give it to her. Here are five of the top engagement ring trends for 2011.

This is a trend that comes and goes every few years. If you recall, they were at the height of fashion in the early 2000s when several celebrities were seen giving them out. Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez a stunning 6-carat pink diamond ring back in 2002, while more recently, Kate Middleton has brought back the trend with her gorgeous oval sapphire diamond. And we should all remember that it was the late Princess Diana who had this ring first. Colorless diamonds are always beautiful, but due to the rarity and ‘wow’ factor that comes with a colored diamond, many are opting for stones that contain yellow, pink, and even chocolate diamonds as well as stones like sapphires and rubies for a change.

Pave settings involve a ring that has multiple diamonds set tightly next to each other, either all the way or halfway around the band. This gives the ring a real sense of style as well as an undeniable extra sparkle and pizazz. Women love diamonds, and not only do pave settings have lots of them, but they can be a more inexpensive way to jazz up the ring without spending too much on a center stone. Pave settings have the unique combination of a classic look while also looking a bit different. They are elegant and sophisticated, two things that should almost always be part of an engagement ring.

Vintage clothing and rings will always be in style, and 2011 is no different. Sometimes getting something unique and modern, means looking back to the past. Vintage or antique rings are another wonderful way to get something totally different, while also getting a ring with a bit of history to it. Vintage rings typically have more ornate detailing, such as beautiful filigree designs, that look stunning with a center diamond stone. The key to finding a great vintage ring is to make sure you buy with a reputable dealer to have the ring and stones authenticated.

Everyone wants to do their part for the world and the environment, so a trend that’s gained momentum in the last few years is to buy a ring that has conflict-free diamonds. Actress Natalie Portman made this a priority and her engagement ring is a vintage solitary diamond surrounded by conflict-free diamonds. What this means is that these diamonds were mined and produced with both the most minimal of environmental impact, as well as also being from places that aren’t known for their ‘blood diamonds.’ Places where diamonds are mined under regimes that abuse human rights and create violence are not where you want your diamond to come from.

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