Send Christmas Chocolates in Perfect Condition: 5 Essential Tips

The chocolate lovers among us know that receiving a MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE BARS delivery at Christmas is always exciting. Unfortunately this can all too quickly turn to disappointment if the chocolates are damaged, and sadly this is all too frequent an occurrence, especially over the Holiday Season when postal services are very busy.

Here are 5 practical and simple tips to ensure that any Christmas chocolates you send this year will arrive in perfect condition.This is not a recommendation on the quality or brand of chocolate to buy, but do bear in mind that when sending chocolate by post its shape is one of the main things that determines whether or not it will arrive safely.

If possible avoid sending chocolates that will smash easily, for example hollow Christmas novelties like chocolate Santas and snowmen. Tempting though these festive treats undoubtedly are, they won’t be nearly as appealing if they arrive smashed to smithereens.

Sometimes the perfect Christmas gift does happen to be very fragile, so if you have any doubts please package it carefully. You don’t have to go to extremes but it is worth bearing in mind that when you send chocolates they may well be treated roughly during delivery.

If you want to ensure that your Christmas chocolates arrive safely, use some form of protective wrapping preferably a fairly solid container. Cardboard packaging works well and is used by many suppliers offering chocolate delivery services. Bubble envelopes often don’t offer enough protection although they are very popular. Personally I’ve found that chocolate sent this way often arrives broken or squashed.

With online chocolate delivery services offering shipments right up to Christmas Eve, chocolates can be a great gift to send at the last minute saving you from the crush of Christmas shoppers and a long wait at the post office.

However it is worth remembering that the volume of post increases significantly in the week before Christmas so try to not to send chocolates this late. Sending them at the last minute may increase the chance of them arriving damaged or your gift may be late and miss Christmas completely.

It is best for chocolates if they spend as little time as possible being shipped. Some types of chocolate some need to be eaten shortly after being made, and spending time sitting in warm delivery trucks and being squashed in a pile of other parcels won’t do any type of chocolate any good.

If you are mailing them yourself it is best to use a service which has an overnight guaranteed delivery service, or if you are going to send chocolates online try to buy from a chocolatier offering express chocolate delivery. These speedy services may cost you a little more, but it is worth it to ensure your gift arrives in good condition.

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