Self-Publishing Success: How You Can Earn $30,000 a Month with POD Publishing

When I went to publish my un curso de milagros, Planting Design Illustrated, I received lots of interest from traditional publishers. But they wanted to make a lot of changes including adding a co-author. These were changes that would have made me dislike my own book!

So, I turned to self-publishing.  At the time, making a lot of money was not at the top of my priorities. I simply wanted to publish my own book, my own way. Now that I have self-published my first books, things have changed.Self-Publishing Success Step #1: Write a Valuable Book

Yes, I still want to have full control and yes I want keep all of my rights to the book. But now the royalty checks have become a top priority, especially with the economic climate that we’re in.  That’s why, when I self published my second book, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) AP Exam Guide with Outskirts Press  (a print on demand publisher), I took a different approach.

My book had the benefit of being published at the right time, at the right price.  I earned over $30,000 in royalties ($31,207.68, to be precise) in one month. I earned even more the next month. Within six months I had earned over $110,000 Here Are The 5 Steps I Took When I Self-Published My Second Book…

This step is easily overlooked, but it is Number One on this list for a reason. Your book must provide some sort of value or benefit for the reader.  In my case, my books are non-fiction and leaders in their niche.  LEED is currently revolutionizing the construction industry. In fact, I earn the lion’s share of my royalties from my LEED AP Exam Guide, which provides a mock exam, study guides, and sample questions for the LEED AP Exam.  It is invaluable for those wanting to obtain the title of “LEED AP (Accredited Professional).

I don’t think I’m saying anything revolutionary when I say that publishing non-fiction is an easier proposition on the self-publishing front than fiction. But even fiction books are valuable if they provide the type of “escape” your reader is seeking.  Whether you write non-fiction, fiction, poetry, or something else entirely, the book must deliver on its promise. You might do everything else on this list, and you might even find some short-lived success, but ultimately, the success of your book comes down to how valuable your book is to its readers.

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