Casino Party Theme Ideas

You should look up your local private casino organization on the internet. เว็บเล่นสล็อต They are well trained and will bring all their own equipment, running the night for you, leaving you to have fun with your guests. One big decision you need to make early on is whether you will be playing with real or fake money.

Consider charging an up front fee. When you’re guests enter your venue, they are provided with chips. At the end of the night, whoever has the most chips wins the kitty. You can have a 2nd and 3rd prize also, split as you like. This way nobody loses more money than anybody else and it all remains fun.

Hand out your invitations cut out into shapes of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. You can cut these out from card or write them on actual playing cards.I can tell you from my experience that they majority of casino parties play with fake money.

Get some dollar shaped confetti and sprinkle it around your casino party venue, on the tables and surfaces. The four games i would go for would be poker, craps, 21 and blackjack. They are all easy to learn and play, most people are already familiar with them.

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